Man-o-Man what a man!

Born on 15 June 1937, Kishan Baburao Hazare renowned popularly as Anna Hazare all over India for his social activities, has once again started Infinite Hunger Strike from the iconic stage of Ramlila Maidan. Back in 2011, during the month of August entire Delhi was swinging upon the Fight Against Corruption led by Anna Hazare with his infinite hunger strike that ended on the 12th day with the then government accepting Jan Lokpal Bill to be laid on both houses for discussion.


Iconic Ramlila Maidan


Today on the 3rd day of his Infinite Hunger strike, I could see hundreds but lesser than thousands of people, mostly farmers particularly from Maharastra and Punjab gathered in Ramlila Maidan to support Anna Ji. To put up a Display Picture along with sweet captions like – ‘I am Anna too ‘, ‘ I support Anna’ etc, and to actually be there on ground bearing heat and dust all day and night with Anna are very juxtaposed and incomparable!


Anna Ji sitting with ease on a high stage

Frankly, being a corporate guy working Mon-Sat at a cubicle in my office, i can’t afford to stand with Anna for his current Fight Against Corruption .  Seeing his energy, commitment and loyalty for India at the age of 81 where his contemporaries are busy playing with their grandchildren or remembering god….  i feel ashamed of calling myself a youth. If being a youth in India today is all about being a sycophant for the so-called boss of the company and running after money, sex, fame and all nonsense, much better to drown immediately over a spoon full of water.


Follower of Anna showing love

Our country is already great, thanks to hundreds and thousands of blessed people who took birth here and spend all their life for the welfare of the nation. But how long can we boast about our rich history and heritage? It’s high time we stop traveling back in time and live in the present thinking how to deal with the current problem- Corruption. To trust on any politician no matter how wise or a fool, no matter how popular or unpopular is like hitting own’s leg with a sharp-edged axe!


Anna Ji may or may not be with us in up-coming years of  struggle against national disease- Corruption, but as long as he is with us, we must spend time with him in person and try to learn how to be a good human like him so that we can strengthen ourselves mentally and physically before helping lost ones who are running after worldly matter which will take them no-where and to the end with misery.

Nation is huge, it is definitely not possible on our capacity to make India a corruption free country on the sole basis of our reach. What is viable-doable is – ‘You become a good person and spread goodness wherever you go’. If this becomes a part of our daily life activity as like eating food and doing mundane chores, our country will transform from a great county to rich, prosperous and happy country in no time!

If we don’t look up to our National Hero-Anna Ji , now ! it will be too late and history will judge us being the most useless generation of the greatest country in the world.


Farmer reads, you too should read 🙂

May peace be upon your mind and soul.

May fire in your belly to live for country keep burning. Amen. Inshallah. Jai Hind.






Sai and I.


Hello readers, many thanks for visiting this page. I know today’s world prefers watching rather than reading. And this is why i respect your time and would directly take you on my connections/journey with Shri Satya Sai Baba.

Baba's message

It was in year 2003, when i was 8yr old and had recently moved to a new village called Pulbazar along with my family. I hated to be in Pulbazar because i had no friends. Moreover, the notorious fame of Pulbazar had cautioned my parents especially mom to not let me mingle with strangers or stranger’s children. In short, i was living a protected life within the four corners of my sweet little wooden home, which i still miss very much!

I use to attend school and tution without missing a day and was a very good little boy. May be this is why, a lady named Bebita Chettri approached my Mom and suggested her for sending me to – Bal Vikas . I feel sad to share that, today Aunt Bebita is no more, but whatever iam today she was the first person to shape my soul and i shall always remember her until i die.

Today as a 21yr old man, i define Bal Vikas as:  “9years of Non Formal Education provided to children aged between 6-14 yr olds whose minds are uncorrupted and hearts’ pure”

But, from the Day 1 i joined Bal vikas and the last day i spent in Bal vikas , i had no idea what Bal vikas exactly is ! This may sound strange to you, but this is what it is! If you have been to Bal vikas you can relate to what i and you have gone through- Reciting Sanskrit :Stotras,Prayers,Shlokas , singing Bhajans, participating in Quiz Competitions ,playing dramas on stage,eating food at ‘fest of mendicants’ and appearing final year exams at the end for class promotions.

If you hadn’t gone to Bal vikas then, it’s okay. Iam sure you have many good memories of childhood than mine 🙂

Also it was in Bal vikas that i had first crush of my life . I can’t disclose her name coz she may be  reading right now! And i still think she is the most beautiful girl in this planet.

Moving on, in the year 2011 , as i passed my matriculation exams i had to discontinue my Bal Vikas education because according to my dad’s dream and cousin brother’s wish i was sent to Vishakapatnam for Higher Secondary Studies. I had no idea how world outside Darjeeling and Siliguri is upto then, but 2 years spent at Vishakapatnam probably showed me whatever i could ever be shown about world. Lessons learnt at Bal Vikas use to influence me but influence of my classmates cum hostel friends was more stronger! I can’t write what i did in those 2years as of now , but i will surely share my stories ,another page another time 😉

Bang! Then came suddenly wishes of my parents upon me to fill the application form for ‘Shri Satya Sai Higher Institute Of Learning ‘. I filled. I signed my signature as well as parent’s signature on my own and posted it via India Post. Through god’s grace i was called to sit for entrance examinations at Puttaparthi,Andhra Pradesh in May 2013. I accompanied by my friend Saurav Sharma, his father and my senior Nischael Pradhan , reached the venue which is known as Prashanti Nilayam . As i reached Prashanti Nilayam, every thing that i had heard since childhood about Shri Satya Sai Baba and his life begun to come true before my eyes. I was feeling like iam in a different world where everybody is kind and good to one another. Along with these wonderful feelings i also came to see hundreds of children with their parents from Darjeeling & Sikkim thronged in to get admission in free of cost higher institute of learning.

Luckily, i cleared the entrance examination unlike many hundreds and was invited for a interview round. That was my life’s 1st interview and the funniest . Here goes the gist of conversation i have had-

1st Interviewer: Why did you sign parent’s signature on your own?

Me: I was in Vishakapatnam and my parents were at Darjeeling. So as they couldn’t sign and were forcing me to apply, i signed on my own!

2nd Interviewer: Do you really want to get admission in this college?

Me: Sir, i would like to. But, my real wish is to get admission in IITs and pursue engineering.

3rd Interviewer: Would you like to ask us anything?

Me: Will i get selected ?

This is how my chances for getting admission in the college got no chance! Later, i tried to get admission in IITs too, bui i failed. And currently iam doing final year of my engineering from not so popular University Of Petroleum And Energy Studies,Dehradun 😛

Now, as iam about to change my field of study from Engineering to Journalism. All i can realize is that roads that i have traversed in my life until now was a blessing in disguise and the person iam today is totally built upon the strong foundation that Shri Satya Sai Baba’s Sai Mahila Vibhag provided/is providing to lakhs of children across India since 1969.

Thankyou Shri Satya Sai Baba for being world guru and spreading beautiful messages all your life and beyond. It’s my honor to share your role in my life  on occasion of your 92th Birthday! ❤









My World Tour-Day 1

Hello readers,
Welcome to my world ! 🙂
Today iam going to take you on journey to ‘Devalsari‘. Now you may be wandering how can this crazy writer take us on ride while reading probably the worst story ever ! Well, don’t you worry. I assure you that your time and mind while reading will be used the best! Because my writings are like Gillette- The best a man can get . Haha!
Jokes apart, I want to tell you some serious thing about Devalsari.
Devalsari is located at an altitude of 2000m , in Tehri-Gadhwal district of Uttarakhand. It is particularly known for Bird Watching.
Phew! How few I know about Devalsari.
Nevermind, let’s being ‘the’ journey-


Today, I woke up at 4am in the morning as usual , and not withstanding all family members sleeping, I slept upto 6am . Then doing the chores, I undressed-dressed, unpacked-packed my backback for the journey starting starting my home in Dehradun.
I drank a cup of black coffee so as to manage not to feel hungry until noon. And then, I kick started my bike for my 1st destination “Mussoorie” .I have been to Mussoorie once but this time I was experiencing a different thing. First- I was travelling alone . Second- I was not sleeping while travelling because, I had to be alert all the time, else it would have not been possible for me to tell you all ,this very story!
It took me a while to reach Mussoorie as I was shooting some self videos and pics for Social media updates which I always do like eating dinner every night.
Some of my pictures upto Mussoorie are here, have a close look 🙂


Sign board says everything- “Mussoorie is just 19Kms away!”


View of some places of Dehradun from middle of journey.


Mussoorie is approaching towards my eyes closer and more closer.


Proud Indo-Tibetan Border Police Academy!
Before I could reach my 1st destination- Mussoorie. I felt i have to fill gas in my bike. Therefore, I stopped by Hindustan Petroleum Oil Station and did whatever needed. Before heading towards Mussoorie I asked a simple question to Pump Boy- Do you know which road leads to Devalsari?
He gave me a sweet reply- No!
I saw a guy inside a cabin , then immediately I ran towards him and after greeting “Good Morning!” asked him in details about route to Devalsari. Many thanks to him that despite unclear about final destination-Devalsari he helped me follow route for my second destination- Suwalkholi.


After driving few distance away I met a sign board which gave me one reason to be happy- “Suwakholi” only 10Kms away!


On my way to Suwakholi I crossed Wynberg-Allen School, probably the oldest English school in North India.

After reaching Suwakholi  , I traversed my path towards “Tathyur”: a quite densely populated valley. On my way to this wonderful town I came across a lonely shop in middle of ‘nowhere!’ .And I gave a thought to myself that while returning I will definitely eat something from this shop. I am happy to share you that yes! I ate chips and interacted with little middle aged man of the shop while returning. It was a really good memory for myself. Iam sure he too must have felt good. Well, this is the magic of language, isn’t?


Shopkeeper pointed out to me that-“Beyond this green hill, is Devalsari!”

After reaching Tathyur, I came across a bridge. And with my guess work I crossed the bridge and drove with an aim to reach my final destination ‘Devalsari’.


This village after few kilometers away from Bridge reminded me of my own village- Pulbazar(in Darjeeling ).

I was driving ahead as if iam the king of the world! Narrow road yet Clear road, Hilly road yet perfectly pitched road. My good frame of mind was questioned only after I saw roads and only long roads across hills, with no villages or people to see. With a bit curiosity I kept riding until I met my messiah – “Jeep”.
I waved hand, and jeep driver stopped ,totally unlikely what you see in cities. I then asked him a question-“How far is Devalsari?”
Unsure about my question he asked passenger seated to his driving seat and that knowledgeable man told me-“You have come in wrong direction, the bridge you met after crossing Tathyur, you shouldn’t have crossed it!”
I was like- Oh my holy god!
Helpful driver said that we too are going upto Tathyur, so you can follow our jeep without taking any stress.
I did what he commanded, afterall “jeep” was my messiah !
Many thoughts about life came to me while I was going back to that bridge which I had crossed earlier. Inshort, I now became more philosopher than I was before starting this journey to Devalsari from my home in Dehradun.
It was very this state of mind that I got disbalanced in a bumpy-underconstruction road and fell towards my left where stones scratched my pants and some parts of bike. As I was in very philosophical mood, I didn’t see – workers watching me, jeep waiting for me and my watch that slipped out of my wrist!(I figured out this ,later,as i reached home)
I just lifted bike and followed my messiah again !!
After reaching a particular point I thanked ,bid goodbye to jeep driver and met bridge again.


Finally, I crossed this bridge again and followed right direction towards Devalsari!
What a relief!


On right way, Seeing this board brought  a big smile on my face!


Meeting two beautiful girls and talking to them was a wonderful moment which I shall treasure in my heart forever 🙂


Driving on this road was tiresome and my bike was sounding lesser bike and more like auto rickshaw! But eventually, with the help of smiling~local people ,I was inching closer and more closer towards my final destination!


Devalsari forest within my arm’s reach!


Now iam within jungle where I can breathe fresh air , drink cool water and wander infinitely!


While wandering I came across Forest rest house, which remains open for visitors during summers.


Sitting over a huge stone, under the sun and clear sky of Devalsari- me and my diary 🙂
After spending few proud hours in the jungle of Devalsari . I buckled up myself to return home with a heavy heart.
Walking all through the villages of Devalsari where I could see woman and girls working in fields like a hero, I went by smiling to their happy faces and innocence which is so rare to find in rest part of the world!
With  all  these pleasant memories , i travelled back to my home-Dehradun, with no problems except seeing long black snake crossing my road swiftly,taking my breathe away for a second  and a bee sting on my neck while trying to fly it away!
Thankyou readers for reading with all your heart. Hope, you too are feeling refreshed and lovely right now. Take care and keep travelling. See you soon!


Let Children Be Children

Children are wonderful
But not a fool,
Children are amazing
And they don’t keep anything,
Children are form of god
But many of us have forgot;

Our adult life blinds
To see child as we,
Alas! This bounds
Beauty of child, no where to see,
Erasing innocence from nature
Making world badly mature;

Children talk their mind,
Chlidren know no game
Chlidren know no unloyal love
Children know no hatred,
But why are children today
Being so taught everyday?

He comes, he goes: Who knows?

An ordinary man
Dreams nothing big,
An ordinary man
Doesn’t think of any trick,
He lives his all life
More for his loved ones;
Lesser in his own life
But is known only to few ones,
Years pass by,
Skin begins to get tough
His own children acts rough,
And he slowly passes by!
World remains unchanged
For, it seeks extraordinary
Rather than just ordinary,
So, why wasen’t he ashamed?
He too had a dream of becoming famous
Like everyone wants to,
He too wanted to be millionaire
Like everyone wants to,
What stopped him?
What made him give up?
Was living not for himself,
Big reason behind his break up?
An ordinary man
Comes with nothing,
And ordinary man
Goes leaving nothing.

Refusal for Confusal

Confusion in life comes with no invitation
Even wisest of wise men fails to see,
Their current actions being the reason
For every waves of sea;
Once in a puddle
It becomes a big hurdle,
Nothing seems to be right
And future no longer looks bright;
How will the confusion get solution?
How will the time sing a song with you?
If your current action is for the nation,
And only if you work making wonderful you
Confusion will lead to clearity
Clearity accumulating to wisdom,
Everything will be a reality
From all you winning a true freedom;

You Love You!!!

Love of my Mom and Dad,
All my childhood I had;
Though creation of love,
Still Iam figuring what is love;
Saw baby clinging to his mother
Later,  saw him playing with father
Love was equal and true like no other;
I see my bachelor life
Where I don’t have wife
Still, I search wife to live a good life;
I know love is true,
And never untrue;
But this search for wife,
Is like playing with a knife;
Hurting sometimes own heart
And at times killing other heart
Leading memories to never depart;
Loving what is true?
One who makes you or love just you?
Loving what is safe?
To play safe or take care of self?
Pondering all questions,
I come to two solutions;
Love one who made you,
Two, love only and only you;

Time Freezes And Frees You

Darker side of mine,
Can never turn me fine;
Day after day, in this world,
I am gradually becoming old;
And this dark power makes me more older,
Making my days no better;

So I search for new ways,
How can I remain aloof always?
Nobody seems to help me,
But rather uses and leaves me;
I know not how to cry,
But making me more dry;
All emotions I contain in myself,
So that I call strong myself;

Now I realize,
All my low days
Will kill me always;
Until my darker side,
Is out of my life;
I do not know any right paths,
And upon me world laughs;
But Iam confident that one day
World will cheer all my way!

Strength to live and lose it to die

Closing eyes sometimes,
I think of good times;
But there comes a time,
When I can’t think of a good time;
I see my loved ones gone,
Leaving me alone;
Into this world,
Where they are my only world;
I wonder who will give me strength,
To bear my loved one’s death;
This fear, this nightmare,
One day will be here;
And that day
I will try to think again in pain
And see everything turning vain;
Coming to a conclusion,
Life is a complete illusion;
So, day I face death
Losing all my strength
My soul will fly
Anywhere in free sky;

Champaran: Shaping Aatma Of Mahatma

Life maneuvers every thing organically for a normal person, be it going to kindergarten, celebrating birthdays ,attending farewells, appointment for job, marriage, family and most important of all demise from face of earth at the end! Many have come and so many have gone, but none seems to me personally as great as life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi; son of an Diwan(Chief Minister) of Porbandar during British regime, aspiring to be lawyer moves to South Africa for practicing, and eventually returns back to India in 1915. Following advice of his mentor Gopal Krishna Gokhale, he goes on a tour of India; while at Lucknow, City of Nawabs in 1916 Raj Kumar Shukla a representative of farmers from Champaran,Bihar requests him to visit his place as immediately as possible.


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi at first stayed in this house while in Champaran.

Gandhi had no idea of Champaran except only geographic location in Bihar being his true knowledge. On the afternoon of 15th April 1917, boarding the train from Muzaffarpur to Motihari he was welcomed by unexpected large number of people with every passing station. As he reached Motihari, news spread like a wildfire all over Bihar’s East Champaran(Then district); Gandhi had a tough time welcoming the greetings and well wishes of localites!


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi addressing farmers during Champaran Satyagrah.

Now the question arises, why so much attention to a person from Gujarat; lawyer who had returned back  India a year ago and barely versed in hindi language?

Well, this is how an extraordinary event happens in a life of an ordinary man in our world,but once in a millennia!
With Britishers as a land lord and farmers of Bihar’s East Champaran being exploited inhumanly with no proper wage , forceful plantation of Indigo all over in the season to fulfill demands of Modern Industry back in London and by abolishment of plantation of  other crops during off seasons; in a nutshell, life of farmers had turned  ‘hell’. After being informed by Raj Kumar Shukla; he despite of any notion for indigo plantation, visits Champaran like a tour as he had been doing since wake up call from his mentor.


Gandhiji being arrested during Champaran Satyagrah.

How Gandhiji solved the ongoing problem & way he dealt with every situation day in and  day out during his stay in Champaran, is truly a rich history!
I see this particular span of his life as the first victory of Gandhiji backed by no personal awards but showered by rewards which gave him the direction towards  life and gifting India evergreen Independence from colonial rule in middle of night, 15th August 1947.